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Riding FulGaz in Montana Not enjoying Zwift? Try FulGaz FulGaz. The great alternative to Zwift. Download for free now
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With FulGaz, you don’t just get the highest quality bike videos you’ll find anywhere,  our “Real ride engine” brings you the most realistic recreation of rides you can experience at home. See and feel every change in gradient like you’re really there.

FulGaz works with many indoor trainers, adjusting video speed and resistance to match your effort precisely. You can upload rides to other apps like Strava and TrainingPeaks. So go ahead and push yourself on hills that mimic the real road riding experience.

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FulGaz lets you see and feel every pedal stroke of hundreds of amazing rides around the world. Our HD videos react to your speed and effort and our unique GPS modelling absolutely nails the feel of real terrain. When you’re done, you can upload your sessions to popular training platforms.


If you’re new to indoor cycling, setting everything up and getting the best out of your equipment can be daunting. We’ve made FulGaz as easy to uses as possible, but if you’re not getting things going properly, check out our extensive help section, or get help from people who actually care about the outcome.

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FulGaz works out of the box with smart trainers by Wahoo Tacx or Kinetic, or with any ANT+ FE-C trainer if you use an ANT+ adaptor. You can use your classic trainer or power meter with an compatible ANT+ or bluetooth sensor.

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FulGaz simulates a wide variety of terrain, so you can do many different types of training. Don’t know what training to do? We offer tips to train smarter for endurance, climbing, intervals, time trials and triathlons.

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