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Known Issues

New features Massive upgrade to trainer control. You'll now feel every change of gradient, with more responsive changes than ever before. Real Road Feel for Tacx Neo. Try the Tour of Flanders as a sample ride.  (You need to turn it on in settings) Challenge mode Lap mode Support for "virtual power" from speed sensors [...]

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Logging in

The initial Beta versions are only available to existing FulGaz users. You will need to log in using your existing FulGaz email address and password. If you can't remember what these are, go to FulGaz on your iPhone or iPad > Settings > Your details. you will also be able to reset your password there.

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Upcoming features and when to expect them

There's a lot for features and tweaks on their way. Initially our focus will be on eliminating bugs that you discover. New beta versions will be available in Testflight. We'll receive an email letting you what's been fixed or added in each release. Passive Mode Get power data from your smart trainer via bluetooth, but [...]

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Download storage limits

Watch out for this one! The apple TV doesn't have what is known as "persistent storage" This means it decides how much space to allocate to each app, not you. It does this with the users best interest at heart. You wouldn't want to be getting to the end of a ride and have the Apple TV stop [...]

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The search function searches all the FulGaz rides. It searches every word in the database, so if you search for "California" you'll get all the rides in California. You can type using the remote, text input on your phone, or dictate words or letters using the "mic" button on the remote. It's not currently possible to integrate [...]

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Device Connection

The Apple TV will only connect via Bluetooth. You therefore can't use any ANT+ devices (EG Garmin hear rate strap or cadence sensor). There is also currently an Apple TV limit on the number of bluetooth channels that can connect to it. One of the three channels is taken up by the remote. This leaves you [...]

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Apple TV and Trainer Compatibility

Apple TV Models The Apple TV is basically built for playing videos, so there shouldn't be any minimum requirement. Therefore, any Apple TV that lets you install apps from the app store should work. Fully Supported Trainers All Wahoo KICKR models and the KICKR CLIMB Kinetic Smart Control CycleOps Hammer and Magnus, newer PowerBeam with bluetooth Elite Direto [...]

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Toughness Score

You'll find a new way of understanding how hard a ride is, it's called the toughness score. It's a formula that first accounts for the time taken to do the ride, then adds up the time spent at each gradient.  It takes longer to get up a 10% slope than it does to get down [...]

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Crashes and weird behaviour

If the app crashes completely, Testflight will notify us next time your turn it on. What it won't tell us directly is what you were doing when that happened. It also won't tell us if something ran slowly or confused you. If the issue isn't covered in any of the topics on the page, please [...]

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