Riding the Santa Monica Mountains

Most of us think of Los Angeles as a big sprawling metropolis that would be up there in the worst places to ride imaginable. That may or not be true, but something I’m sure of is a few miles north of the glamour of Hollywood and the tourist traps on Santa Monica Pier is [...]

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Training for Amy’s Gran Fondo

Amy's Gran Fondo is Australia's premier Gran Fondo event. It's also held at the tail end of what can be a very cycling unfriendly winter. Anything that helps you prepare for the event without getting cold and wet is going to be a good thing. If it's the exact course, even better. Specificity is [...]

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FulGaz survey results

We asked subscribers, people who had trouble with FulGaz and people couldn't use it to give us their opinion. Our aim was to get a better understanding of what people would like to see in the future, and what obstacles we could remove to allow more people to use FulGaz. Some of you didn't hold [...]

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Get the FulGaz Big Screen Experience

FulGaz on a big screen is the best way to use it. The impact of the videos on a big screen can't be over stated. It's amazing. Here's some advice to make that experience as pain free as possible. Apple TV The Apple TV can be brilliant, bit  can need [...]

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Olfi one.five 4k action cam review

It's easy to get caught up in marketing hype for any product. In cycling, the action cam market is probably second only to carbon wheels for the ratio of claims to real world results, so I'm a bit of a sceptic and I simply won't recommend anything until I've put it to the test. I [...]

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Family Memberships

If you purchase a 12 month subscription we’ll give you up to two more subscriptions for family members for FREE. This means you can train together but keep your data and settings separate in your own individual FulGaz accounts. How to claim your free family subscriptions Purchase your 12 month subscription online at upload.fulgaz.com email [...]

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Using FulGaz with friends

Here's how to ride FulGaz with other people in a group environment There are ways to do competitive sessions in FulGaz, Challenge mode is a great example of that, but racing head to head isn't the focus of FulGaz, other apps specialise in that sort of thing. By tweaking a few settings, FulGaz can be an incredible way to do sessions in [...]

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Discover the magic of riding in Kent

If you're reading this and you're a fan of FulGaz, it's because FulGaz is the closest thing you can find to going out for great rides in amazing places. As you may know, FulGaz is based in Melbourne, Australia. Something that you won't know is the place that sparked my personal love of riding is [...]

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Wahoo KICKR tuning tips

There's a lot of talk comparing the noise level of various "direct drive" trainers. While the trainers themselves obviously make a noise, it's often drowned out by the transmission of the bike that's sitting on it. It doesn't matter if you're using FulGaz, Zwift, TrainerRoad or any of the other apps out there. They'll all [...]

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FulGaz rides in Canada

Discover the beauty of Canada Canada isn’t just about winter sports, it’s also home to some incredibly beautiful road rides. I'm proud to announce the new Canadian Collection. FulGaz contributor Mervyn Hiebert has gone out of his way to capture Canadian riding at it’s best, and his rides are simply stunning. There’s a tour to [...]

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