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Riding FulGaz in Montana

Even if you don’t have a smart trainer or power meter, FulGaz can convert speed on your classic trainer into “virtual power” so the video playback adjusts realistically. All you need is a speed sensor.

  1. Download the FulGaz app from the App Store or Googleplay.
  2. Create your FulGaz account.
  3. In the FulGaz app, choose “speed sensor” for your connected device.
  4. Choose your trainer. If you don’t see your trainer, choose another model by the same brand, if possible.
  5. Choose your ride.
  6. Get cranking!

More tips for classic trainers

What to expect
While the video speed will adjust based on your “virtual power,” you won’t get the same realistic feedback as you would with a smart trainer or power meter. Your speed in FulGaz will not be the same as your speed on the trainer. Instead, it will be your “virtual” speed at that point in the FulGaz ride. The video will slow on climbs and accelerate on descents.

To still get a great training session, shift into a harder gear on climbs, which is easy once you get the rhythm.

Try these rides
Try Tomalis Bay (Easy) and Marin Headlands (Hilly). For a scenic cruise, try the Albert Park Formula 1 Circuit.

Download the rides first
This can make a big difference, particularly if you don’t have a great internet connection. You can download rides directly in the FulGaz app. Consider downloading the SD version, especially if your iPhone or iPad is older.

What if your iPad can’s see your sensors
This happens for two reasons:

  • Garmin sensors connect via ANT+ while iPads and iPhones use Bluetooth. For FulGaz to connect with your Garmin sensors, you will need a Wahoo ANT+ Key.
  • If you have Bluetooth sensors and FulGaz can’t see them, another app may have paired with your sensor. Quit all Bluetooth-enabled apps on nearby computers, iPads or iPhones that may have paired with your sensor.

Get consistent results
It’s important to use consistent tyre pressure and have a consistent amount of pressure between your tyre and the roller on your trainer. (The general rule is two complete turns tightening the roller after it first touches the tyre.)

Classic trainers that support “virtual power”
FulGaz can convert trainer speed into “virtual power” for the following trainers:

  • 1UP USA Trainer
  • BT Advanced Training System
  • Cyclops Fluid 2
  • Cyclops Magneto Pro
  • Elite Arion Mag
  • Elite Supercrono Powermag
  • Elite Turbo Muin
  • Elite Qubo Power Fluid
  • Kurt Kinetic Cyclone
  • Kurt Kinetic Road Machine
  • Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll
  • LeMond Revolution
  • Minoura V100
  • Minoura V270
  • Minoura V150
  • Minoura V130
  • Minoura LR340
  • Minoura LR540
  • Saris Powerbeam Pro
  • Tacx Satori
  • Tacx Flow
  • Tacx Blue Twist
  • Tacx Blue Motion