Family Memberships

If you purchase a 12 month subscription we’ll give you up to two more subscriptions for family members for FREE. This means you can train together but keep your data and settings separate in your own individual FulGaz accounts.

How to claim your free family subscriptions

This isn’t a fully automated process, we have to activate the extra accounts for you, so please note, the other members of your family need to log into FulGaz with their own details first to create their account. We will be searching for their email address to add the subscription. If we can’t find it, we can’t add it.

What if you already have a subscription?
If you’ve already purchased a 12 month subscription, simply email and let us know who to add. (We need the email address they use in FulGaz). If you’ve already purchased a shorter subscription, you’ll need to top it up so the total commitment is a year. EG if you currently have a six month subscription, you’ll need to buy another one.

Remember, FulGaz subscriptions are always cheaper online.

Buy subscriptions here

If you need any help, please contact

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Mr FulGaz is Mike Clucas, the founder of the app and the possibly obsessive compulsive inventor, rider and film maker behind much of FulGaz's content.

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