The FulGaz App

The FulGaz App: Advanced Virtual Cycling

The age of virtual cycling has arrived. FulGaz app for iPads and iPhones takes indoor training to the next level, combining HD first-person video with advanced physics modelling for incredible real-world ride simulations. It looks and feels as close to actually being there as current technology can provide.

FulGaz app features

Basic facts about FulGaz

Smart trainer support

FulGaz seamlessly connects to Wahoo Tacx and Kinetic smart trainers via bluetooth to deliver a fully realistic ride experience tailored to your size, weight and fitness level. Your ride resistance adjusts in sync with on-screen terrain. Other brands of trainers can be controlled via ANT+ FE-C


Classic trainer support

You don’t need a smart trainer to ride FulGaz. Just pair a classic trainer with a speed sensor for the same ability to interact with videos, post rides to Strava and experience dozens of amazing cycling destinations.

FulGaz supports a range of classic trainers as well as power meters

HD video: 
less virtual, more reality

FulGaz videos are shot by cyclists for cyclists, then processed into virtual rides using cutting-edge technology developed by one of cycling’s top sport scientists.

  • Full HD videos in true first person
  • Reactive technology adjusts to your effort
  • Top cycling routes around the world
  • Stream or download videos
  • Use HDMI output for TVs, monitors or projectors

Upload to Strava TrainingPeaks and Today’s Plan

FulGaz rides are real rides. Your legs will let you know it.

After you ride FulGaz, upload your rides straight to Strava, TrainingPeaks or Today’s Plan. You can also send yourself a .fit file for import into your preferred training software. FulGaz exports your distance and elevation gain, power, cadence, and heart rate – The same data you get when you ride outside.