FulGaz on a big screen is the best way to use it. The impact of the videos on a big screen can’t be over stated. It’s amazing. Here’s some advice to make that experience as pain free as possible.

FulGaz on a Samsung HD TV

Apple TV

The Apple TV can be brilliant, bit  can need some help. The WiFi connection between the two devices (Not your internet speed) may need a little help.

Fortunately, you can usually solve the problem by creating a new Wifi network that uses 5GHZ.

You need to do this instead of sharing the standard 2.2GHZ that is also used by Bluetooth and ANT+.  This then leaves plenty of bandwidth for your trainer and other sensors and usually stops trainer dropout issues too.

Another thing that can help a lot is to download the rides first. If you do that, the wifi is only streaming large amounts of data in one direction at once, not two.

Streaming to a PC or TV

You can stream to a PC by using free mirroring software such as the excellent lonelyscreen.

You can stream to a TV using Google Chromecast. Like the Apple TV, these two solutions will also benefit greatly from a 5GHZ wifi network. The catch with Chromecast at the moment is it is not possible to directly mirror iOS devices to a TV. This has to be done via a computer. We can’t add Chromecast support to FulGaz because it does not support our variable speed video and data overlays.

LonelyScreen wireless streaming

FulGaz on a mac

There isn’t a version of FulGaz for the mac, but you can plug it in and see it on the screen of your iMac, macBook etc just by using the charging cable.

You don’t need any special adaptors or software. It’s how I use FulGaz at home and it works really well. Watch the video for step by step instructions.

FulGaz on a Samsung HD TV

Lightening to AV adaptor

The absolute gold standard, bullet proof solution is to get a lightening to HDMI adaptor. We use this solution for 8 hours at a time at expos and events with no issues.

This will allow you to put your iPhone or iPad up on a TV, computer monitor, projector or anything else  with an HDMI input.

Check out the adaptor