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FulGaz California

Welcome to the second race of the FulGaz 2018 World Tour. This is your chance to try some great new rides and see how you compare to other FulGaz riders. Every time you complete a stage you’ll also go into the draw to win exclusive clothing from Serious Cycling.

There are so many great Californian rides to choose from, we couldn’t narrow it down to just three rides. So we added a short “bonus” stage.

The terrain varies from completely flat to a mountain, so there’s something to suit everyone. Each stage is available for you to ride as many times as you like until the 21st of May. During each stage there is a timed segment, this is the time that will appear on the leaderboards on this page.

How to enter
  • Make sure you have the latest version of FulGaz (2.6.1)
  • Go to the Competition section in FulGaz
  • Choose a stage
  • Enter your Country as your location
  • Ride the entire stage from start to finish, then upload to leaderboard

Introducing Serious Cycling

Some of the best cycling in the US, if not the world is only a few miles north of the usual tourist spots in Los Angeles. From the endless variety of climbs in the Santa Monica Mountains to Malibu and the Pacific Coast Highway, there’s terrain for everyone. The friendly locals and an almost complete lack of traffic on the climbs make this one of the best places you’ll find to ride.

Serious Cycling make this an irresistible place to ride, with bike hire, maintenance, spares and a great variety of Store Rides each week. They also organise the truly amazing Malibu Gran Fondo every year. If you’re really serious about your cycling you can even hire your dream Pinarello or Cervelo.

Check out the Serious Cycling website

Stage 1 – Marin Headlands

This is a new, longer version of an all time FulGaz favourite. Starting and finishing at Vista Point, overlooking San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge, this ride features three significant climbs with some deceptively steep lumps in between


Stage 2 – Pacific Coast Highway

Starting by “Big Rock” which seems to have been used in 50% of all sports car commercials ever filmed, this an incredibly beautiful stretch of road is part of the Serious Cycling Malibu Gran Fondo. It’s also a flat ride with only some tiny changes in elevation.


Stage 3 – Gibraltar Road

This is the biggest climb of this year’s tour of California and it’s right up there with some of the best climbs in Europe. The constant twists and turns, changes of gradient on the way up and amazing light as the sun sets make this a climb to remember.


Stage 4 – Stunt Road

Legend has it this road is named after all the Hollywood Stunts that have been filmed on or around this road. We can’t confirm or deny that, but we can confirm this is a great climb, typical of the mid-sized climbs in the Santa Monica Mountains. Stunt Road is often included in rides from Serious Cycling in Agora Hills


Competition details and rules

  • It is a good idea to update to the latest version of FulGaz before you start (2.6.1)
  • Only the version of the ride in the Competition section counts. Do not save it to your favourites and ride it from there, it won’t work
  • When you finish each stage your time will instantly be added to a leaderboard that only includes FulGaz times (no times from other apps)
  • Leaderboard results can be sorted by gender so you can see separate men’s and women’s results
  • To prevent deliberate and accidental cheating, Competition rides override all your usual settings, even calculating your aerodynamic drag based on your body mass. If you really feel the need to lie about your weight, we recommend an app beginning with Z
  • The prizes will be drawn at random from all entrants at the end of the competition
  • You can upload your ride to Strava later by going to Settings > Ride History
  • Since you’ve made it this far, we’ll let you into a secret. The next round of the FulGaz World Tour is FulGaz d’Italia
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