FulGaz d’Italia

FulGaz d’Italia

Welcome to the third race of the FulGaz 2018 World Tour. This is your chance to try some great new rides and see how you compare to other FulGaz riders.

The terrain varies from a rolling lakeside cruise to the toughest mountain pass in FulGaz. Each stage is available for you to ride as many times as you like until the 28th of May. During each stage there is a timed segment, this is the time that will appear on the leaderboards on this page.

How to enter

  • Make sure you have the latest version of FulGaz (2.6.1)
  • Go to the Competition section in FulGaz
  • Choose a stage
  • Enter your Country as your location
  • Ride the entire stage from start to finish, then upload to leaderboard

Featured in the Giro and one of the most iconic climbs in Italy. It’s steep, it’s long, it’s tough. Low gears are essential, but it’s an incredibly rewarding effort. PRO TIP –  If you have any “wheel-off” smart trainer such as a Wahoo KICKR, Tack Neo or Elite Direto, you can go to settings in FulGaz and simulate lower gearing.

Stage 2 – Gargnano to Capovalle

Start at the harbour in Gargnano on the western shores of Lake Garda, climb to the Lago di Valvestino and then after a short rest alongside the reservoir, take on a final ascent to Capovalle. This is fun, rolling ride with great scenery. Honesty, if you don’t like riding a bike on the shores of an Italian Lake in the summer, you should probably just give up and do something else.

Stage 3 – Colle delle Finestre

The word “Epic” get’s used too much in cycling, but this ride definitely qualifies. Ridden in this year’s Giro d’Italia and the toughest climb in FulGaz (Yes, including Ventoux), have you what it takes to complete it?

The photo at the top of this page was taken by former pro Patrick Jonker once he’d finished filming the ride. It’s an incredibly rewarding climb and hauntingly beautiful once you move onto the gravel section and work your way up through the clouds. To make this ride fair for everyone, we’ve disable the Tacx Real Road feel in this version of the ride. That would make the climb even harder.

PRO TIP –  If you have any “wheel-off” smart trainer such as a Wahoo KICKR, Tack Neo or Elite Direto, you can go to settings in FulGaz and simulate lower gearing.

Competition details and rules

  • It is a good idea to update to the latest version of FulGaz before you start (2.6.1)
  • Only the version of the ride in the Competition section counts. Do not save it to your favourites and ride it from there, it won’t work
  • When you finish each stage your time will instantly be added to a leaderboard that only includes FulGaz times (no times from other apps)
  • Leaderboard results can be sorted by gender so you can see separate men’s and women’s results
  • To prevent deliberate and accidental cheating, Competition rides override all your usual settings, even calculating your aerodynamic drag based on your body mass. If you really feel the need to lie about your weight, we recommend an app beginning with Z
  • You can upload your ride to Strava later by going to Settings > Ride History
  • Since you’ve made it this far, we’ll let you into a secret. The next round of the FulGaz World Tour is FulGaz de Yorkshire in June

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