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Vuelta Challenge     


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The FulGaz Vuelta Challenge

The Vuelta is underway so we’re inviting you to take part in the FulGaz Vuelta Challenge. There are six rides to complete during the Tour of Spain, with two to be ridden each week. Everyone who completes all the rides and posts them to Strava goes in the draw to win a Kinetic Road machine SMART CONTROL.  To help us track your progress, please join Team FulGaz on Strava.

You don’t need to be fast, just determined

The potential to “digitally dope” even by accident is so big that giving away prizes for the fastest time is unfair and won’t encourage you to challenge yourself unless you’re already super fit. The winner is therefore going to be drawn at random from all the finishers. If you’re keen to see how you fair against the opposition you can keep up to date with the leaderboards below.

If you love Instagram, use #FulGazChallenge for your chance to win bonus extra prizes.
Terms and Conditions

Week 1

FulGaz challenge ride Lagos de Covadonga

Lagos de Covadonga

Covadonga, Pyrenees, Spain
Category: TdF Climbs
Distance: 12.92km
Duration: 0:56:10
Elevation gain: 935m

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Indoor cycling training Superbagneres


Bagnères-de-Luchon, Pyrenees, France
Distance: 17.25km
Duration: 1:11:11
Elevation gain: 1130m

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Week 2

Fulgaz challenge ride Cap Formentor

Cap Formentor

Mallorca, Spain
Distance: 35.08km
Duration: 1:42:19
Elevation gain: 865.1m

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Coll de Femenia to Lluc

Coll de Femenia to Lluc

Mallorca, Spain
Distance: 14.14km
Duration: 40:24
Elevation gain: 531m

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Week 3

Indoor cycling training video of Coll de Port des Canonge & Coll den Claret

Coll de Port des Canonge & Coll den Claret

Port Des Canonge, Mallorca, Spain
Distance: 8.77km
Duration: 34:49
Elevation gain: 483m

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Indoor cycling training video of Sa Calobra

Sa Calobra

Mallorca, Spain
Distance: 15.4km
Duration: 1:04:33
Elevation gain: 777m

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Challenge Terms and Conditions

The FulGaz Challenge runs for the duration of the Tour of Spain 2017.

To complete the FulGaz Challenge, you need to complete all six rides during the period 19th August – 10th September. If you want to ride them all on the last day in one of the most epic indoor sessions of all time, that’s fine.

If you’re keen to take part but simply can’t get up those climbs, it’s OK to give yourself a helping hand…Go to Settings and scroll down to advanced trainer settings. Reduce your slope scaling to 25% less than recommended and you’ll be good to go. Our aim is to challenge people to achieve more than they thought they could and increase participation, and if that takes a “virtual” helping hand, that’s fine.

Random prize draw for the Kurt Kinetic trainer will be drawn by David Simpson, Kurt Kinetic Marketing Manager soon after the Challenge has finished and we have checked the finalists.