The FulGaz app for iPads and iPhones pairs with smart trainers or power meters to create an ultra-realistic cycling experience with fully reactive HD video that adjusts to your effort. If you have a classic indoor trainer, you can still use FulGaz.

To get started:

  1. Check that your smart trainer, power meter or classic indoor trainer works with FulGaz
  2. Download the FulGaz iOS app from the App Store
  3. Configure your equipment using the tips below
  4. Choose your ride in the FulGaz app
  5. Get cranking!

Choose your trainer

More tips for riding FulGaz

Get your settings right
Getting your settings right makes a big difference. Setting your correct weight is important. Your aerodynamic drag figure (CdA) isn’t worth adjusting if your ride feels realistic, but it can be worth experimenting. The following figures are typical for a mid-sized male cyclist on a 55cm (21.65 inches) frame. If you are significantly bigger or smaller, add or subtract a few percent.

  • .25 – full aero setup, TT bike, skinsuit, aero helmet
  • .40 – on the drops, tight fitting clothing
  • .55 – relaxed position, lycra kit that’s not quite so tight

Still too easy or too hard?
You can fine tune the trainer feel in FulGaz using the advanced trainer settings. You have two options slope scaling and adding a maximum slope. With slope scaling the feel of all the gradients is reduced by the percentage. So for example, setting slope scaling to 50% will make every gradient feel half as hard as it did before.

As the name suggests, maximum slope lets you set the steepest slope FulGaz will send to the trainer. This is particularly useful for “wheel on” trainers where the rear tyre will slip beyond a certain amount of resistance.

Download the rides first
This can make a massive difference, particularly if you don’t have a great internet connection. You can download rides directly in the FulGaz app.

Use SD videos
SD videos are faster to download and less likely to become “jumpy” if you’re going faster than the person who filmed the ride. This is particularly useful if your iPad is more than a couple of years old.

Use an HDMI adaptor to connect a larger monitor
To view FulGaz on a TV, projector or computer monitor, use an HDMI adaptor to connect your iPhone or iPad to the larger monitor. You can buy HDMI adaptors in Apple stores and other electronics shops, or online.