FulGaz HD Cycling Videos: Ride the World’s Best Routes

English Country Lanes

Ash, Kent, UK

About the ride

Here’s an example of some of the great riding roads hidden throughout the UK. These are narrow twisting roads that began life as medieval farm tracks. They now form a network of quiet roads that are ideal for some serious hill training. This is the first ride we ever filmed, it’s had to wait until now for us to work out how to make the GPS ridable, but we hope you’ll agree it’s worth the wait because its a great ride with some really challenging terrain. Be warned though, pay serious attention to the ride profile. Hills are generally steeper than they appear in videos at the best of times, and here most of the climbs are well over 10% gradient, sometimes almost double that. If in doubt, change down to a very low gear whenever the road even hints that it might be steep.Terrain - Short, punchy climbs of around 1 min. Some of them are very steep!. Loops are rides where the start and finish are at the same point, this lets you do multiple laps without getting weird distances in Strava etc. To ride multiple laps of a ride non-stop, go to Settings then select Laps from the Ride Modes menu.

Training suggestions

This is a great ride to help build top end climbing power and strength. Once you get used to the ride, try to ride progressively bigger gears on the climbs. It’s worth the effort.

Elevation gain: