FulGaz HD Cycling Videos: Ride the World’s Best Routes

Cotman's Ash Lane

Pilgrims Way, Kent, UK

About the ride

Most people drive past this road and don't even know it exists. This makes it perfect for riding. It's not very long, but the consistently steep gradient means it packs quite a punch. This ride has been filmed in a loop that includes the descent so you can put FulGaz in lap mode and do a hill repeat session. Your Strava overall distance and elevation gain will be correct.. Loops are rides where the start and finish are at the same point, this lets you do multiple laps without getting weird distances in Strava etc. To ride multiple laps of a ride non-stop, go to Settings then select Laps from the Ride Modes menu.

Training suggestions

For a hill repeat session, go to settings and put FulGaz in Lap mode. This will let you do laps of this circuit and beacuse the start and finish points match exactly, the distance will be correct in Strava etc

Elevation gain: