FulGaz can connect with a power meter to realistically adjust video speed based on your power output. However, you’ll need to manually shift into a harder gear on harder route sections to experience the most realistic ride conditions.

  1. Download the FulGaz app from the App Store.
  2. Create your FulGaz account.
  3. Connect FulGaz to your power metere. See tips below.
  4. Chooose your ride.
  5. Get cranking!

More tips for using power meters

What if FulGaz doesn’t recognize your power meter
This happens for two reasons:

  • Another app has paired with your KICKR, preventing the connection. Quit all apps on nearby computers, iPads or iPhones that may have paired with your trainer.
  • Your power meter is not equipped to transmit a Bluetooth signal. All Stages power meters have Bluetooth and many Power Tap meters now include it. Many cheaper devices are starting to feature Bluetooth. Check for a Bluetooth connection from your meter by downloading the Wahoo Fitness app.

Connecting via ANT+
If your power meter lacks Bluetooth, you can connect using a Wahoo ANT+ Key, which also allows you to connect Garmin sensors. The Garmin ANT+ Key looks very similar but only works with Garmin apps.

Kurt inRide
FulGaz currently works with the first generation of Kurt inRide sensors. Until we have an update, you can use your Kurt trainer if you have a speed sensor via our “Virtual Power” feature.

FulGaz will work with Wattbikes featuring the larger head unit if you have a Wahoo ANT+ Key. FulGaz cannot connect via the Bluetooth in the head unit.

Try a hilly ride
To really appreciate FulGaz and what it can do, try some hilly rides such as Tomalis Bay (Easy) and Marin Headlands (Hilly). For a bigger challenge, try the Puerto Morcurea from the Vuelta.