Getting started with FulGaz and a Tacx smart trainer 2017-08-24T22:23:21+00:00

Tacx Smart Trainers

Tips for Vortex, Bushido and NEO and Flux smart trainers

Connect Using Bluetooth
Even though ANT+ FE-C is managing the “smart” interactivity, FulGaz connects to your trainer using Bluetooth Smart. Your Tacx Trainer will send power and cadence to FulGaz. Using Bluetooth to connect eliminates the need for an ANT+ dongle and allows you to use HDMI TV out.

What if FulGaz can’t see your Tacx trainer

  • Another app has paired with your trainer, preventing the connection. Quit all apps on nearby computers, iPads or iPhones that may have paired with your trainer.
  • Your iPad is too old and may not be able to connect to your trainer via Bluetooth. Sorry, there is no fix for this because ANT+ won’t allow FulGaz to vary ride resistance automatically.
  • If your trainer won’t connect when you go to start a session, turning the Bluetooth off and on again on your iPhone or iPad usually fixes this.
  • You need to update your Tacx firmware. See below.

Make sure your firmware is up to date
If you are having connection issues, your firmware may need updating. Download the Tacx Utility app to check if your firmware needs updating.

Other Tacx “Smart” trainers
Please note the Bushido, Vortex, Flow, Genius and Neo and Flux trainers allow FulGaz to adjust ride resistance automatically. The Satori “smart” trainer uses a lever to control resistance and therefore isn’t interactive.  You can use these trainers with FulGaz, but you won’t get the same road feel.