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Riding FulGaz in Montana

Time Trial Challenge     

15th - 28th Oct

FulGaz. The great alternative to Zwift. Download for free now

A great new way to challenge yourself

Win random prizes from Quad Lock, see how you stack up against riders from around the world or just enjoy a new challenge – it’s up to you.

The Tour of Bright is Australia’s most popular stage race for Masters athletes. We’re giving you the chance to take on two decisive sections of the Tour. Unlike the real race, you can ride the course as many times as you like.

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Week 1 – Tour of Bright Time Trial Course

Sun 15th Oct to Sat 21st Oct (13.5km)

This roughly 20 minute course is a lightly undulating route that favours a powerful rider over a pure climber. Pro tip: Save some energy for the climb a little over half way round the course.

When you complete the ride in the new COMPETITION section of FulGaz your result will show up instantly in the leaderboard below.

Week 2 – Tawonga Gap Hill Climb

Sun 22nd Oct to Sat 29th Oct (7km)

The final part of the first road stage. It’s a tough climb that usually splits the race to pieces. It will take a few attempts to get the best result on this climb. Pro tip: The steepest sections are near the start so do a good warmup first.

Leaderboard opens Sun 22nd

How to enter

You’ll find the ride of the week in a new section called COMPETITION. We’ll ask you a few questions you won’t have seen before, including your location. (Enter your Country). From there you’ll be riding as normal in challenge mode. Once the ride is complete your time will automatically be uploaded to the Challenge Leaderboard. You’ll then be able to instantly see how you’re doing.

Men’s and women’s events

There’s a separate event for men and women with equal prizes in both competitions.

Stamping out “digital doping”

As well as uploading their time, everyone will also be sending their settings including their advanced trainer settings. Our “digital doping control” will be able to spot anyone bending the rules. There also won’t be any times from other apps to confuse the leaderboards, so this will be a very fair competition.

Prizes from Quad Lock

We’ve got some great prizes from Quad Lock to give away. If you’re not familure with their products they’re quite simply the best way to mount an iPhone on a bike, indoors or out. We’ve used their products since day one and we’re proud to have them on board. we’ve got eight Quad Locks to give away in total.

1st Male and Female rider in each time trial
1 x Random prize draw from each time trial. The more times you ride, the greater your chance of winning.

Winners will be able to choose the product of their choice.