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Calibrate your trainer with a spindown

Accuracy and road feel depend on your KICKR being calibrated correctly. KICKRs need to be reset from time to time, especially if there has been a big change in the weather. If you’re not sure how to perform a spindown, download the Wahoo Fitness App. It’s a good idea to do the spindown after at least 10 minutes so it is up to it’s operating temperature.

What if FulGaz can’t find your KICKR?
This can happen for two reasons:

  • Another app has paired with your KICKR, preventing the connection. Quit all apps on nearby computers, iPads or iPhones that may have paired with your trainer.
  • Simply turning Bluetooth off and on on your iPhone or iPad can often fix the problem.
  • Your iPad is too old and may not be able to connect to your trainer via Bluetooth. If so, you can purchase a Wahoo ANT+ Key.

What if the signal keeps dropping out?
This is will be the result of signal interference. Typically, streaming bluetooth music and / or streaming to an Apple TV can cause this because WiFi, bluetooth and ANT+ all usually share the same frequency. It’s worth tryign turning off other devices until the problem stops, then turning them on again one by one.

Update your firmware
The latest firmware update for the KICKR includes improvements to how it responds to FulGaz. Benefits include a better “rolling” sensation as you hit the bottom of climbs. Update your firmware for the KICKR in the Wahoo Fitness App.

Wahoo tickr x

Want to see heart rate and cadence?

You will need an ANT+ adaptor to connect your current heart rate monitor and cadence sensor. A more versatile  solution is to get a Wahoo TICKR X heart rate monitor. This will work outside with your Garmin, etc. and provide heart rate and cadence via Bluetooth for indoor cycling apps like FulGaz. This means you can still carge your device or plug it into a TV. An ANT + adaptor will prevent this.

Want to get power from your power meter instead of your KICKR?

You can use a power meter to send the power data to FulGaz instead of your KICKR. This is a great way to get consistent data between your outdoor and indoor rides. Even if your power does not have Bluetooth, it will connect and work without needing an ANT+ Key. The KICKR makes this happen by acting as an ANT+ bridge between your power meter and FulGaz.

To configure this feature, you need to use the Wahoo Fitness app. Select your KICKR, then turn on Power w / ANT+. you will also need to enter the 4 digit ANT ID from your power meter so the KICKR knows which device to listen for.